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Land of Whiplash
In the Forest of Solemn, Adrus emptied the ruined water in his canteen, relishing in the way the parasitic liquid glistened as it pooled downwards. When all of it had drained, the young man sighed in relief at finally being able to drink again. The River of Aborigine ran between the lime green – almost yellow –foliage and cut along the grass as though a tear.
Pathos, his bay horse, eagerly ate his share of the herbs and weeds in the soil. He had a flat eye, gold and desolate and forever seeking his master. No dog could match his loyalty.
Except, to Adrus, there was a god loyaler than his horse, in that way he was a blaspheming fool that perhaps deserved what he got when he stepped into the crystal water, only to be pulled under as a magnet would fall off a fridge.
Somewhere between whirl and turquoise, blue and mush, cold and bitter, death and life, he slouched in an old chair. There was an underground place, not exactly the Tunnel of Disappearance, and a long stickman was th
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If He Eats Me, I Don't Care
There was a bear in the Park of Confusion, and it was weird because you rarely see bears anywhere but they were breathtaking so of course you wanted to see them. A lady with chestnut hair that matched the bear's chestnut hair sat very, very still and watched the bear scrape the tree like a cat flexing its claws.
But a bear didn't have claws like that. So it just scraped, and long strips of wood fell off and fell in the dirt, but neither the bear nor the lady minded, so they both went as they went and admired each other a long time.
Eventually, the bear disappeared, and though the lady felt like she lost a part of herself, she appreciated the time anyway and smiled. She smiled so strongly that no force on the planet was capable of penetrating it with a frown. When she returned home that day and greeted her lazyhusband and tiringchildren and annoyingsister, they said she looked different. The comment surprised her, but maybe it was because the lipstick on her lips was smeared,
the combed
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Rise and Shine
Tonight the darkness stirred more than usual, a cool, black apparition in the wake of the moonlight. The shadows throbbed; the night air fanned across her face from the warehouse window like a cooing breath. She could sense his presence by the sheer change of atmosphere as he neared, and in the evening haze she allowed a smile to crease the ruby red of her lips.
Oh, him, she realized, and her smirk began to tighten. How amusing.
Her guess was answered when a man, grinning with mischief, emerged from behind the entryway stacked with crates: Greed. His words rung out unhindered by modesty, and he smelled of alcohol and cheap perfume.
“Ah, so the Miss Lust is all done tracking Fullmetal.”
Even though they were still separated by the expanse of the small room, her nose crinkled. “Hm. And all that’s left is the work of the rest of our brothers and sisters.”
“You sound almost as though you had been expecting me.”
She couldn’t say she hadn
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Film Noir Character Sketch 2 by sabs-chan Film Noir Character Sketch 2 :iconsabs-chan:sabs-chan 0 1 Film Noir Character Sketch 1 by sabs-chan Film Noir Character Sketch 1 :iconsabs-chan:sabs-chan 1 4 Untitled Comic Page 1 by sabs-chan Untitled Comic Page 1 :iconsabs-chan:sabs-chan 2 11 Wanna take you down to Kokomo by sabs-chan Wanna take you down to Kokomo :iconsabs-chan:sabs-chan 1 4
The Nefarious Mansion - C1
i. Visitation of an Unorthodox Kind
One of the days after Yusuke returned from Demon World, Botan had sensed the nature of the air, and everyone had left early. Clueless as the former Spirit Detective was, he and Keiko – all of a sudden – held the strangest level. It was like they were finally on the same base in the ball park. The question was which base they were on.
That question was answered that same night. Yusuke wanted it; Keiko wanted it. While still in the entanglements of a kiss, they collapsed into the bed. And so one thing led to another.
Following the experience, the both of them lay panting under the covers. The room was consumed in darkness besides the moonlight filtering through the blinds, highlighting the side of Yusuke’s face. While his eyes were slowly being persuaded to a close, he stopped and remembered something. His irises, dyed silver-blue in the deep glow, remained eerily still.
“Keiko.” His voice resided somewhere between a whi
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IT'S A FURRY THING by sabs-chan IT'S A FURRY THING :iconsabs-chan:sabs-chan 2 11
Today I’m somewhere,
Far off in a dream,
Because I’m thinking romantic thoughts,
And all the ones in-between.
I know it’s generic,
Every teenage girl does it,
Yet it can’t disrupt me.
So I remember a day (that Never Happened),
Where Mysteryman and I confide.
I don’t know who he is
Because I already know everything about him.
So we slept
With our backs to a tree,
And we crept
Around the wall to eat chocolates,
And we dreamt
That there was no God,
When there was only you and me.
In due time I know he’ll come,
But until then,
I wait and wait and wait until I’m frozen.
Maybe, though,
The wait doesn’t seem so bad,
When I walk downstairs,
And my brother’s trying to make me
Not so sad.
:iconsabs-chan:sabs-chan 1 10
That Close of Their Eyes
If you closed your eyes tight enough in the heat of the day, in the midst of summer, you could see a swirling void of turquoise and green and yellow; flashes of foreignness and mesmerizing foliage. Perhaps it would come at the front of that black canvas, or maybe in the distant reaches of your mind – he certainly wouldn’t know – but that’s what happened. He wasn’t entirely sure how he knew this, how he could sporadically see into the minds of the people below, but he knew now.
Yes, vibrantly colored images, deep beyond recognition. The man knew what these were: glimpses into his area, the area reached less than Heaven or Hell.
Technically, he wasn’t a man…per say. He was seventeen, bordering on the age claimed as ‘adulthood’. Still, he felt as old as time itself, not having aged a day since he arrived.
He didn’t know how he got here, though. No, he knew he had just ended up in this place at one point – originally, he was from somew
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Duuuuuuuuuuuuke :D by sabs-chan
Mature content
Duuuuuuuuuuuuke :D :iconsabs-chan:sabs-chan 0 10
There could be billion upon billion of moments during your entire lifespan, and I probably knew the majority of them. I had hit the earth, sang on an airplane, cringed against love’s rejection, ate up all the tranquility I could muster, flung fire in the faces of others. I rubbed my eyes and saw blurriness before the world focused again. I put myself on the chopping block, sent for a spin with the result experiences incapable of being counted or expressed in words.
And, a paradox in itself, I still couldn’t achieve or do or pinpoint many things. For instance, I still didn’t know why cauliflower was white, or why we forget things. I forgot why the sky was blue: I knew the answer at one point, but I forgot. All of those in themselves, however, were experiences. Experiences of not experiencing. Confusing, huh?
Except there was one second – no, it was timeless – that put all of those feelings and memories and doings all in the backdrop, and threw my humanity forwar
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Comic: Evil Muse's Intro by sabs-chan Comic: Evil Muse's Intro :iconsabs-chan:sabs-chan 1 10
Mature content
Protesting an Ace :iconsabs-chan:sabs-chan 1 7
Cure for the Blind
The day after Winry lost both of her parents in the train wreck, she tore. There was a moment of grieving for her, yes, but eventually she returned to her old, smiling self again. Or tried.
He hated it so damn much: how hard she tried to fake a grin, how hugely agonizing her eyes had become. He felt like he was visiting with a doll, a lifeless imposter.
Despite that, however, every inch of him wanted to help her, wanted to grab her wrists and pull her back up onto her feet.
Why didn’t she talk to him? Why didn’t she recover the normal way? Why didn’t she cry it all out instead of keep the sorrow behind a shell? He would’ve understood. Hell, she could’ve gotten angry, decided antagonism on the train operator. Even such a mindset was better than this nothingness.
One day, he approached her sitting at the top of the hill, overlooking the town as though she were some far off spirit, no longer apart of this world. He kneeled down, and she turned
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Well, this is new
Hey. I haven't been on here in...months. In all fairness, lately DeviantArt's had the idea to pretend to not recognize my account's password - and I enter it correctly every time. Clearing cookies and refreshing has not helped, so I'm assuming it just...has an erratic dislike of me? I don't know. Man, has this place changed.

So yes. Just coming on to here to say I am not dead. I would post up some work, but none of it is art - and nobody cares much about writing here, to be honest.

Also, I saw a movie recently that I'm obsessed with:

Don't you disrespect me little man!
Don't you derogate or deride!
You're in my world now
Not your world
And I got friends on the other side!

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